Gain more clients consistently with my unique 4-step process

While You Continue To Create A Bigger Impact On Your Client’s Life And So Keep Doing What You Love Most And Do Best
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Hi, I'm

Wout Brabant

your Marketing and Business Development Consultant who tells you the truth about your business, no matter how much it may hurt because I actually care about your growth and success.  I’m specialized in helping coaches and consultants turn from busy, overwhelmed business owners who don’t know where their next lead is coming from into confident GO-TO experts that attract their ideal clients consistently.

This way you never have to worry about your next paycheck or where your next clients will come from because you’ll have a system in place that generates a consistent stream of high-quality leads to your business on demand, making it possible to focus on the parts of your business you’re more passionate about.

All this is done through the implementation of my unique 4-step process so you don’t have to worry about incoming leads ever again.

Sales and marketing aren’t easy, but it’s the lifeblood of your business.

Without it, you don’t have leads and without leads, your business won’t grow.

Are you ready to become confident in your marketing, get more clients and grow your business?


Like many, your main source of business is probably referrals from your previous clients and the networks you belong to. Referral leads are great, but this reliance usually means that your next month’s business is unpredictable, holding you back from long term revenue goals. This is something I clearly understand. Luckily thanks to technology… Getting your business in front of the right people couldn’t be more affordable and accessible IF you know how to do it efficiently.


RELYING ON WORD OF MOUTH OR REFERRALS TO FIND NEW CUSTOMERS, never knowing where the next one is coming from​?
Tired of being held ransom by marketers with a fancy made-up title making promises they cannot keep?

If this sounds familiar then you are in the right place because my mission is to just simply end these questions FOREVER.

Let me oversee gaining new leads and clients. This way YOU can stop wasting time and energy in trial and error mode like I did…and skip to the part where your generating money and are the impact-making leader you were born to be!


How i can help you

All my services are met with commitment. I give myself always a 100% to every project. Custom packages are designed and tailored to meet my client’s needs and all components are designed to work together to deliver an overall fantastic result.

lead generation

Lead generation is the lifeblood of any small business. Luckily for you this is what I have mastered and I love to hear our clients happy with all the new and repeating business. I use my expertise across multiple platforms such as Linkedin, Google, Facebook and email marketing to get your business in front of the people who are looking for it and you love to work with.

fb ads

Let’s be real here, Facebook is just about taking over everything social. Businesses simply cannot afford to miss out on the revolution of online marketing by neglecting this ultra powerful platform. I have extensive knowledge of the complex targeting and psychology that goes into creating successful Facebook ads. I will have new customers flowing into your door in no time.

linkedin services

I heard Gary V. say that “LinkedIn is Facebook 2012 for professional networking.” He usually knows what’s up. LinkedIn has become the largest professional network and biggest B2B platform out there as 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn. If you aren’t showing up on LinkedIn as a professional and not using this amazing platform to reach out to businesses who WANT TO WORK WITH YOU, you are leaving so much money on the table.

email marketing

Building a strong email marketing campaign is essential if you are going to attract the level of repeat business that you need to see the growth you deserve. I’ll use targeted advertising campaigns to build an email address database that will allow you to communicate directly with thousands of customers. This gives you the opportunity to close hot leads and nurture the cold and warmer ones. This is also ideal for creating the personal connections that will greatly influence the growth of your business.


Never before has there been such powerful behavioral targeting capabilities as what there is now. Facebook has been collecting our data for years and this is exactly how we can reach people with laser precision. I can also control exactly where your business will show up if someone is searching for you in your local area on Google. Once people have had any kind of contact with your business, I can then retarget them in even more efficient campaigns.

campaign design

Different businesses have different needs. I approach everyone with a clean slate and look at each business objectively. I will listen carefully to your needs and where you’re at with your business. Once I have a solid understanding, I will create a custom campaign specifically for your business so I can maximize results with minimum ad spend.

Why Am I Different?

Wout Brabant Behind The Desk

I understand that not all businesses have big budgets to invest in professional marketing, that’s why my business model has been developed with the smaller business owner in mind.

I understood a long time ago that a “one-size-fits-all” approach doesn’t work and that personalization is KEY that’s why everything I do is tailored made to my clients.

I also believe an unquenchable passion for your work is imperative, I am passionate about this industry which means I am passionate about delivering you exceptional results.

I will also offer a completely Free Strategy Session just so I can fully understand your business needs, problems and discuss the methods that will be used to help you see growth! This gives you an opportunity to visualize the strategies that will be used and the results you will achieve when you work with WB Marketing Solutions.

Why Am I Different (7) (1)
Outcomes Of Working With Me

You can stop worrying about where your next paycheck or clients will come from because you’ll have a system in place that connects you with YOUR ideal customer consistently.

You get back to doing what you love most and do best: coaching and creating a bigger impact on your client’s life.

You spend your time focusing on the parts of your business you’re passionate about instead of looking for clients.

why use digital marketing?

Traditional marketing is changing. While internet usage has been steadily increasing meaning tactics such as billboards, radio, and newspaper ads, while still effective, no longer provide the same reach as people are spending increasing amounts of time online now.

Also now because of COVID-19, people have suddenly found themselves spending an uncharacteristic amount of time at home, meaning they’re spending more time online.
Because of all this people also became to realize that so much more is possible online.

Over the next five years, we will only see digital interactions rise exponentially which will break traditional marketing and sales models.

Companies are recognizing this shift and many of them that used to be heavily dependent on traditional mediums now feel digital and social media is their best bet.

So if you want to keep up with your competition digital marketing is your best bet.

why work with me?


you can focus on your company’s core competencies

Outsourcing allows you to invest this time on the activities that generate you money and make your company successful in the first place. This way you don’t have to spend time on marketing techniques you don’t know about.


Increase competitive agility

The competitive landscape is constantly changing, new competitors are always entering the market and your company’s position within the market is always in flux. It can be a struggle to stay on top of new marketing trends and the ever-evolving marketing tech. When you work with me, I supplement you with my knowledge of current tech and trends so you are ready to take on the next wave of developments.


Saves you time

Time proves a valuable commodity as every business owner knows. Utilizing an outside marketing agency saves time as you don’t have to spend time learning a new skill. Saving time saves money. It is that simple.


You don't have to hire more employees

Hiring a new team member often requires expensive recruiting and training. You have to teach them your processes and workflows. You may have to invest in their education in order to have the right skills for your business. When you work with me you don’t have to worry about these training/expenses. When you work with me, you also get access to more skilled labor at a much low cost.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Your Marketing Efforts

Increases revenue from current projects due to focus on the core activities.

Allows employees to work more productively without being sidetracked by marketing tasks.

Creates efficient marketing campaigns that get results.

Decreases training of staff to the skills and standards required with digital marketing

READY to make BIG

Right now I don’t even know if you have a problem I can solve, so how about we start there? Please don’t hesitate to send me a message on Linkedin, Facebook or via e-mail if you want to know more and let’s continue the conversation there to see if my process could work for you. This way we can grow your business and achieve your business goals together, my business doesn't grow if yours doesn't.
Growing a business after launch isn’t more work. It’s less work with smarter solutions levering your skills and experience to drive the needle in a smart, controlled way.